Railway industry

The automatic measuring complex developed by Amest is used to make a complete check on wheels manufactured in non-stop three-shift serial production. The station is easy to set for all types and dimensions of wheels manufactured in the client’s factory, i.e. from small tram wheels to huge locomotive wheels. To ensure reliability of optical components the entire station is situated in a lockable compartment with opaque sliding walls and an inner roller-blind to keep it sheltered and protected against light. The output of the station – checking 60 wheels an hour, including assessment and statistical processing of the results – can match the tempo of the client’s production line by a sufficient margin.

Railway industry Railway industry


AMEST inspection and measuring stations provide comprehensive inter-operational and final inspection of components or assembly


Control gauges

AMEST tracking gauges are designed for checking the dimensions and shapes of workpieces and controlling the work cycle on cylindrical and cylindrical grinding machines.


Control fixtures

AMEST inspection fixtures are single-purpose devices without evaluation electronics that enable inexpensive, fast and simple inspection of manufactured components with minimal operator requirements.