Automatic measuring station for measuring of railway wheels geometric dimensions

The automatic measuring complex developed by company Amest is designed to measure complete geometry of railway wheels, including precision inner hub diameter by contact system implemented into optical measuring portal.

 Description of the complex

 Geometric parameters are measured by a measuring portal, connected to an intelligent clamping device comprising 3 universal clamping sections which precisely fixing the wheel and set the rotation speed as it is being measured. The complex contains an input – output table, internal rotary manipulator, measuring portal equipped with CD-cameras and rotary lasers and contact system for measurement of precision hub diameter.

Parameters of automatic complex

  • Wheel geometry measuring cycle: max. 60 s
  • Scanning speed: 2 faces/s
  • Number of faces per wheel turn:  500

Parameters of measured wheels 

  • wheel diameter: up to 1400 mm
  • wheel hub diameter: up to 260 mm
  • wheel weight: up to 1200 kg

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