Automatic measuring station for geometry control of final railway axles

This equipment is based on the principle of contact measurement, and is set up with four measuring arms, lying next to each other on a linear guidance system. Each arm has its own longitudinal metering and an independent servodrive, which means that it can move longitudinally, and measure at a random section. For measurement of radiuses and derived lengths is used optical system.

Measured parameters:

  • diameters
  • lengths
  • circularity (in the meaning of ovality)
  • cylindricity
  • radial run-out
  • axial run-out
  • radiuses

Range of measured axles:

  • diameters: 90 - 300mm (basic version)
  • lengths: 1800 - 2550mm (basic version)
  • weigth: up to 1t

Example of measured parameters:

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