Differential housing

Examples of measured parameters

KS-678/699 Automatic measuring stations for dimensional control of differential housings in the production line 

Automatic measuring stations are used for dimensional control of differential housings after various operations. The devices always contain preparing/loading position for loading the part by an external manipulator or robot and are also prepared for manual loading by the operator. After the robot correctly places the measured part in the basic position,  Loading support then transport part into measuring stative. Then the lower and upper support move to the measuring position, clamp the piece and the motor spins, which ensures the rotation of the part. During the rotation of the part, the required values are measured. The device works completely automatically after the part is placed by the robot.

Automatic complex of measuring stations designed for the differential housing measurement after carrying out 3 technological operations

The unique solution of the production measurement of differential housings is the complex automatic measuring station AMEST installed in the Viennese plant of General Motors Powertrain - Austria.

It provides a 100% measurement of all functionally important dimensions of housing, including diameters and apertures pitch, threads and allowed deviations of shape and position of components being checked. The original construction solution, used in this station as well, is the exact position fixation of the internal spherical surface against the side gear axis. The operating time of a complex measurement of one differential housing is 15 – 20 seconds.

The station reliably operates on the production line in continuous running and is equipped with the AMEST MC-2 programmable evaluation and control electronics which ensures the withdrawal of realized scrap from the further production process, the process statistics and a possibility of a quick correction of tools adjustment within the respective machining operation. Consequently, high economical efficiency of its utilization and short repayment time of invested resources are ensured.


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