Control gauges

A broad selection of our AMEST monitoring devices is designed for the control of dimensions and product shapes and for control of a working cycle in cylindrical and centre grinders. They are equipped with metering head with easily adjustable arms, pneumatic feed unit and evaluating electronic  or the means for connecting via a PROFIBUS collector.

The arms’ ends of the metering head are equipped with exchangeable indicator contacts, which are supplied in a broad selection according to the character of metering and the shape of the part being measured, or per customer’s request.


Other variants of our monitoring devices can be compiled by a suitable combination of individual elements, again, depending on the customers’ needs.

The AMEST monitoring devices are to be installed directly to the support, or the machine’s base and are easily adjustable to a different dimension and shape of the controlled part. They are equipped with very sensitive differential induction sensing indicators and special mechanism for controlling the offset bend in measuring the part with grooves, or recesses.

Our company’s experts had managed to implement a number of difficult installations of monitoring devices in the Czech industry. By using new principles of active control, it was possible to meet high demand for accuracy in machining, for example connecting rod pins and crankshafts of various sizes, including large crankshafts for boat engines.


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