The firm Amest supplies the top measuring and control engineering to the premier Czech and foreign industrial firms. A tendency of the firm is to make possible for the producers to control all the parameters of the series produced components and assembly groups, which decide about a quality of the final product. The measuring devices AMEST do not confine only to a control of dimensions. To a user is enabled to control a total geometry of components or of unit, forms, weight, character of outside, establishes outside and inside defects of material. The controlled components can be named of elected specification and assorted according to the parameter and weight tolerance, optionally of the next parameters.

The power of the semi-automatic and automatic measuring units AMEST correspond with a rate of the components production, which controls. All their control functions are regulated and evaluated by the special electronic systems AMEST with a special program accessories. An action of a human factor on their precision and reliability is limited to minimum.

The rich experience of the firm specialists with an installation of the means for a production control in the Czech and also in the foreign industrial firms make them possible to offer a qualified help in the course of problems resolution in production control , precision measuring and production technology and also in acquirement of quality certification in according to ISO Standards.

Between our premier customers belong:

  • OPEL POWERTRAIN, Vienna –70 measuring equipments for a control gearing of the whole transmission and for differential housings
  • ŠKODA AUTO, a.s. Mladá Boleslav, there was installed more then 300 measuring equipments for a measuring motor components, transmission, automobile body, etc.
  • VW Kassel – gearing measurement
  • Production firm General Motors in Oroshaza, Hungary (in conjuction with the firm IMECO)
  • Hydraulig Ring Limbach Germany – assembly and moulding workplace (assembly of hydraulic servo for advance regulation)
  • Supfina Remscheid Germany – joint control
  • INA Herzogenaurach Germany – active control in the course of grinding
  • Company GM in Hungary – box components control
  • BONATRANS a.s. Bohumín – railway mounted axle control
  • ČZ Strakonice a.s. – complex control of differential, synchronous rings, push rods
  • Hytos Vrchlabí – hydraulic components control of brake systems for company DELFI
  • KINEX - KLF, a.s., Kysucké Nové Mesto - dimensional and flaw detection control of bearing rollers
  • BRISK Tábor a.s. – plug boxes
  • Gena s.r.o. Česká Lípa – commutator control
  • O-OKA (JP) – automatic control of forged gears
  • Vítkovice a.s. – active control on the grinding machine Waldrich (diameter to 2500 mm)
  • Preciosa a.s. Jablonec – measuring and assortment of jewellery stones (components from 0,3 mm length)
  • Lucchini, Lovere (IT)– geometry control of railway axles
  • ZHIBO LUCCHINI (CN) – complex geometry control of railway wheels and axles
  • TYHI (CN)– geometry control of railway wheels 
  • Valeo Humpolec– control of compressors parts
  • Machine-works POLDI Kladno – cylinders control (diameter 500 – 800 mm)
  • Motorpal Jihlava – diesel components
  • Observation and control measuring instruments for active control in course of grinding
  • TRW Řepov, TRW Selb Germany – control of car heater blowers on automatic measuring stations
  • KOKI Technik Niederwürschnitz Deutschland – shift fork measurement
  • JÄKL Karviná – tube measurement after cutting
  • KOVOLIT Modřice – measuring of parts “Head, Piston”
  • ALMET Hradec Králové – Measurement, weighing, marking, sorting of pistons
  • BUZULUK Komárov - 70 measuring equipments for a control and sorting of piston rings
  • MAHLE Krotoszyn Poland – Cylinder sleeve measurement
  • INTERPIPE Dněpropetrovsk (UA) – Automatic complex for measurement of geometric parameters of railway wheels
  • ALTA (Uralvagon zavod) – 3 automatic control devices for measurement of forged axles
  • Vagonremonten zavod - VRZ-99 (BG) - Control station for measurement of final railway axles

The firm AMEST won the gold medal on International engineering fair in Brno in the year 1994 for the measuring automatic MS-5 (piston control), in the year 1999 the gold medal for the automatic assortment and weight equipment Amest KS 220 for the piston rod control and in the year 2000 was nominated on the gold medal the automatic Amest KS 219 (piston control), in the year 2001 was nominated on the gold medal the equipment Amest KS 360 (transmission boxes control), in the year 2002 nominated on the gold medal the equipment KS 241U (gearing control). The firm Amest takes successful competition on the Innovation of the year, where won several times the prize of the technical succeeded product.



25. 07. 2018

Innotrans 2018

Dear friends, we have the honor to invite you to visit our stand on the International Trade Fair for Transport Technology „InnoTrans 2018“ in Berlin (D) from 18th – 21th September 2018. You will find us at Hall Nr. 20, Stand Nr. 407

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