Measuring stations

Measuring stations

AMEST monitoring and measuring stations secure complex interstage and final inspections of components, assemblies, and final products. They check the dimensions; shapes; required weight; quality of finish; and monitor the quality requirements of the material used. They may be equipped with automatic feed of controlled components; special dimension sensors; search units for checking by turbulent flow; scales; markers; and automatic sorting of inspected components according to chosen parameters.

Monitoring station function is controlled by special programmable AMEST electronics, equipped with hi-tech control features. The special electronics of AMEST monitoring stations continuously evaluate the results of measuring and monitoring, and generate data for control and technology process statistics. Simultaneously, they signal defects and give orders to operation interventions within a given production operation (corrections; machine adjustment; tool exchange, etc).

Užitím kontrolních stanic AMEST se minimalizuje vliv lidského faktoru na proces výrobní kontroly, který bývá nejčastější příčinou chyby při kontrole a měření.

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31. 08. 2022

Innotrans Berlin 2022

Dear friends, we have the honor to invite you to visit our stand on the International Trade Fair for Transport Technology „InnoTrans 2022“ in Berlin (D) from 20th – 23th September 2022. You will find us at Hall Nr. 20, Stand Nr. 640

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