Control fixtures

KP-178 (Tunnel Stube)

The Amest control fixtures are single-purpose devices without evaluation electronics; they provide cheap, quick and simple measurement of produced components with minimum requirements for the operating personnel. They are used, for instance, to check the shape of pressing where they usually work in such a way that the operating personnel verifies whether the loaded component, which is being checked, can pass through the machine and whether the components shape is satisfying. The control elements are fixed on a foundation plate of the fixture in such a way that they correspond, in given tolerances, with the model of the component checked. Moreover, if necessary, they are equipped with dial gauges and with manual gauges intended for apertures diameter measurement.

Examples of application:

KP-23 Measurement of brake brack


The control fixture KP-23 is designed for measurement of apertures position of the brake bracket by means of pins with drift meter and the depth of the brake bracket dimple by means of a revolving limit gauge. The dial gauges with 0,01mm ticks are used.


KP-19 Limit gauge designed for dimensions measurement of the clutch pedal


The KP-19 control fixture serves as a limit gauge designed for the position measurement of the clutch contact section against the clamping points of the pedal set. The fixture's solution enables checking of two clutch pedal modifications: right- and left-hand steering.

KP-189 Limit gauge designed for complete pedal console measurement KP-178 Air-conditioning holder measurement KP-178 The Tunnel Stube component measurement
KP-189 KP-178 KP-178 (Tunnel Stube)

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